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Police Department Trade in Safariland ProTech X-Cal LP ICW hard armor plates.  Plates all have good visual appearence and do not appaer to be damaged.  

Independently tested X-CAL LP series of hard armor plates are special threat tested in-conjunction-with a variety of Safariland Armor packages. Thin and lightweight, the X-CAL LP is your go to ICW plate, stopping a variety of special handgun and rifle threat rounds.

A modified triple curvature 10”x12” model provides a contoured fit, ideal for comfort and mobility

These plates were designed to be used "In-Conjunction-With" soft armor.  To acheive the rating they must be used with the Safarliand specificed soft armor options.  

**All plates are expired and carry no manufacturer warranty.  There are differing opinions on the expiration dates on plates.  However, these plates should not be used for protection from injury/death since they are past the manufacture's expiration date.   


No shipping to any area where purchase is restricted.