Product Restrictions

Unfortunately a large number of our customers cannot fully exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.  Please refer to our restrictions below.  We are aware that all online retailers to not have the same restrictions.  These are ours.  No exceptions.  We reserve the right to add and/or remove restrictions without notice.  


  • Must be 18 years old to purchase rifle and shotgun ammo.  Must be 21 years old to purchase all other types of ammo.  
  • There are numerous ammo restrictions across the country.  We will only ship ammo to locations where we are legally and/or logistically able to ship.
  • No ammo shipments to  AK, HI, MA, Chicago and Washington DC.  No exceptions.  
  • Ammo shipments to CA and NY must ship to an FFL.  Please input their info into the shipping address on your order to prevent delays in shipping.  If we have to contact you for this information it will delay shipping.
  • Ammo shipments to IL, CT and NJ requires specific state issued Identification for ammo purchases(FOID, FID, Permit, etc.).  We will only ship to the address listed on your state issued ID that is required for ammo purchase.  Please email a copy this to at the time the order is placed to prevent shipping delays.
  • ID can also be uploaded here.


  • No magazines over 10rds will be shipped to WA, CA, CT (FOID required), HI, NJ, MA, MD, NY, RI, Chicago or Washington DC.
  • No magazines over 15rds will be shipped to CO. 
  • No magazines over 10rds for long guns and 15rds for handguns to VT and IL.
  • No magazines over 17rds will be shipped to DE.
  • Magazines meeting the above restrictions will be pulled from firearm shipments. 


  • California - No pistols not specifically listed on the DOJ Handgun Roster.  We do not make roster determinations on used firearms.  Please consult the transferring dealer before placing your order.  Any firearm returned by the transferring dealer for Roster issues will be assessed a 15% restock fee.  
  • No "Assault Weapons'' (As defined by your respective state) to CA, HI, MA, CT, NY.
  • No new Glocks to MA.  Only used Glocks that specifically state MA OK in the description.  


  • Must be 21 years old to purchase Automatic and assisted open knives. 
  • Automatic & assisted open knives are only sold to areas where legal.  No sale to CA, CT, DE, MD, MA, MN, NV, NJ, NM, NY, VT or Washington DC.  IL residents must submit FOID for shipment.  

Law Enforcement Officers - We fully support all LEO.  If your state has an exemption for LEO then we will honor that exemption.  Please email your credentials immediately following placing your order to