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Win Screwdriver Set 51 Pc [RS-DAC363158]

Win Screwdriver Set 51 Pc [RS-DAC363158]

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  • Edge : Plain
  • Finish/Color : AUS 8A/Satin
  • Finish/Color : N/A
  • Frame/Material : Black Zytel
  • Packaging : Box
  • Size : 3"
UPC Number: 761903363158
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Whether you are a seasonal hunter or frequent competition shooter" Winchester accessories made by DAC Technologies offer everything you need to keep your firearms ready and trustworthy for the next outing. Their cleaning kits" gunsmithing tools and accessories are built for precision and the rigors of outdoor and range elements" yet are affordable enough for the occasional shooter or lucky recipient of passed down family heirlooms.

Includes a variety of screwdriver bits for firearms maintenance