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Mag Tikka T3 223rem 4rd [RS-MGTK5850370]

Mag Tikka T3 223rem 4rd [RS-MGTK5850370]

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  • Barrel Length : 7"
  • Caliber : 223 Rem
  • Caliber : 556NATO
  • Capacity : 4Rd
  • Finish/Color : Black
  • Finish/Color : Blue
  • Fit : AR-15
  • Fit : T3
  • Type of Barrel : 1:9 Twist
UPC Number: 082442811796
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Tikka T3 extra Magazines are handy to have in your pocket when hunting or target practicing" as an empty magazine can be replaced quickly and easily by a full one. Simply slip in a full mag and you are immediately ready to chamber another round.

Polymer Construction
4-Round Capacity