Silencerco Warlock 22 (Flood) [RG-SCO-WRLCK22-FLOOD]

Silencerco Warlock 22 (Flood) [RG-SCO-WRLCK22-FLOOD]

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Silencerco Warlock 22 - FLOOD

The Warlock™ 22 has an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio, and is one of the lightest .22LR silencers on the market. Due to the notoriously harsh nature of rimfire ammunition, this product features CTA™ (Click Together Assembly) baffles to ensure the silencer remains easy to clean – even after long days at the range. Thanks to its high-strength baffle design and lightweight aluminum construction, the Warlock 22 weighs only 3.0oz and reduces sound to 114.6 dB, proving that big results can come from small packages.


Caliber: 22LR
Diameter: 1.00"
Weight: 3.0 oz
Length: 6.0"
Materials: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Muzzle Average: 22LR - 114.6 db
MSRP: $323       
***This item was involved in a flood our shop experienced on 5/19/2017.  Packaging was ruined and is not included.  Any mounts, tools, bags, etc that would have been included should still be included.  All Suppressors were run through an ultrasonic cleaner within 24hrs of the Flood.  Due to the quality and type of metals used in these types of products all suppressors should be as new.  Excellent opportunity to pick up a new suppressor at a greatly reduced price. ***