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B/c Gun Plumber Fldng Hg Multi-tool [RS-BC42003]

B/c Gun Plumber Fldng Hg Multi-tool [RS-BC42003]

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Birchwood Casey's gun plumber® handgun tool has all the tools you need to keep your revolver" 1911 and striker fired handgun operating. The gun plumber® handgun tool features an integral patch loop and separate internal threaded rod for quick and effective bore cleaning. These also function well as squib rods. This tool also features four specifically sized hollow ground" flat screw driver blades that fit most popular pistol and revolver screws. For striker fired pistols" gun plumber® has a pin pusher which doubles as a sight tool. A selection of hex and torx blades are included for grip screws and general utility.

Includes 1911 barrel bushing tool
Threaded rod for brushes, jags, and patch loop accessories
Folds to fit in your range bag or tool box