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Phoenix Hp22/hp22a Conv Kit Bl [RS-RAHP22BBLB]

Phoenix Hp22/hp22a Conv Kit Bl [RS-RAHP22BBLB]

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  • Barrel Length : 5"
  • Caliber : 762NATO
  • Caliber : 22LR
  • Caliber : 308 Win
  • Finish/Color : Black
  • Finish/Color : Blue
  • Fit : HP22/HP22A
  • Fit : PMAG M3 7.62x51
  • Type of Barrel : Vent Rib
  • Units per box : 3/Pack
UPC Number: 753733012306
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The HP 2-In-1 Conversion Kit Includes Extended 5-Inch Barrel for Increased Accuracy and HP Extended Magazine for Increased Comfort and Grip. Target Barrel Available in Nickel or Black. This is for Models HP22 and HP22A Only.

Target Barrel
5 In Barrel