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Hks Magldr 45 Sngl Stk 1911 [RS-HKS450]

Hks Magldr 45 Sngl Stk 1911 [RS-HKS450]

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  • Caliber : 45 ACP
  • Finish/Color : Black
  • Finish/Color : Muddy Girl Camo
  • Fit : 1911
  • Frame/Material : Nylon
  • Size : 38"
UPC Number: 088652004508
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The HKS Mag Loader is capable of loading 15 rounds in 18 seconds. The magazine slips into the loader and is held in by hand. Depress the thumb lever and load. It's that easy!

Faster and Easier Loading Than Ever Before
Made in the USA
Thumb Lever
Reduced Reloading Time