Online Firearm Purchase Procedure

If you are purchasing your firearm from us you only need to provide TWO things to complete the firearm purchase:

  1.  Payment: You pay us directly for the firearm at checkout.  Complete the transaction on the website as you would for any other item. 
  2.  FFL Shipping Address: We cannot ship a firearm direct to you. We have to ship firearms to a valid FFL holder.  All gun shops will have a valid FFL; along with most pawn shops.

 How to Select FFL Shipping Address:

  • During checkout with a firearm you will be prompted to search for an FFL.  You can do this by zip code or state.  If the delaer you would like to use for a transfer shows during the search then select that FFL and proceed through the checkout.
    • If they show up on your search we have their FFL on file and we can ship the firearm!
    • If your dealer does not show:  Please select "Add New FFL Address". 
      • Fill in the form with your FFL's information.  Then proceed through the checkout.
      • After you place your order please contact the FFL and have them email us a copy of their  FFL to ***We CANNOT ship until we receive their FFL** 


  ** Important**

It is your responsibility to know if the firearm you are purchasing is legal to own in your local area. We recommend to ask the receiving FFL if you have any questions about legality. If you cannot accept the transfer due to state and/or local restrictions than you will be required to cover return shipping and the 15% restock fee. 


     Once the firearm is ready for pickup at your local FFL, please INSPECT THE FIREARM THOROUGHLY to make sure it's exactly what you ordered and that there are no defects. If there are any problems at all, DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER. If there was a mistake on our part we will gladly have the firearm picked up and replaced. However, once a firearm has been transferred to you it is considered used, even if it is unfired. The firearm must then be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement. 



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**Complete Orders are Shipping in 2-3 Business Days!**