About us

Recoil Gunworks LLC is an Indiana based company that operates primarily as an online retailer of firearms and firearm related items. If you need it at the range or in the woods, we got it!  Being an online retailer we do not have the huge amounts of overhead that large brick and mortar shops have; therefore we can pass those savings along to you!  


Recoil Gunworks' Commitment 

We pledge to provide top quality products with best in class customer service all at a great price!


Our customers always come first. If there is anything that we can do to improve your online experience with us, please let us know.

Please call 1-877-757-2583 or email sales@recoilgun.com


The Crew at Recoil

Mark Nantz – mnantz@recoilgun.com

Hugh Nantz - hnantz@recoilgun.com

Heath Nantz – heath@recoilgun.com

Dan Huber - dhuber@recoilgun.com



The only sport endorsed by the Founding Fathers!



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