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Hogue Handall Bvrtl Pur For G42/43 [RS-HO18206]

Hogue Handall Bvrtl Pur For G42/43 [RS-HO18206]

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  • Finish/Color : Purple
  • Fit : GLOCK 42/43
MAP: 10.36
UPC Number: 743108182062
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Hogue's Handall Beavertail Grip Sleeves for Glock 42/43 are designed to fit this specific pistol. The Beavertail Grip Sleeve line has been engineered with models for precision fits on specific firearms. The initial offerings in this series has sleeves designed for perfect fits on three sizes of polymer firearms. The first offering precisely fits Smith & Wessons M&P Shield (9mm and .40 models) and Rugers LC9. The second sleeve fits Glocks 42 and 43. While each sleeve has been created for a precise fit on specific polymer framed firearms" they also alternatively fit many other similarly sized firearms with a fully functional and aesthetic fit. Note: This grip will also fit and function of the following firearms although not specifically designed for: Beretta 85" Bersa BP9CC and Thunder 380" FNS 9C" Glock 26 & 27" H&K 45C" Ruger LC9" SR22" S&W M&P 45" Shield 9mm & .40" Sar Arms Sar B6P" Sig Sauer E2 P224" Taurus PT111 Millennium" 709" Walther PPS" PK380" PPK" PPK/S

Fits Glock 42" 43
Slips on polymer firearms
Ambidextrous palm swells
Finger grooves
Cobblestone texture
Soft/durable rubber