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Crkt Obake 3.6" Pln Tinitride Grey [RS-CRKT2367]

Crkt Obake 3.6" Pln Tinitride Grey [RS-CRKT2367]

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  • Edge : Plain
  • Finish/Color : 8Cr14MoV/Titanium Grey
  • Frame/Material : Cord Wrapped Handle, Black
  • Size : 3.64"
UPC Number: 794023236705
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This tactically inspired everyday carry knife with a uniquely etched blade and cord wrapped ray-skin style handle is the true epitome of cool. Designed by Lucas Burnley of Albuquerque" NM" the Obake™ is an artful combination of a classical knife style built with modern-day materials and techniques. It's another example of Burnley's belief that knives are a personal expression of independence. And this one makes a statement when you bring it out for action.

7.6" overall length
3.6" Blade length
Cord wrapped handle
Includes sheath