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Crkt M16-13fx 4.64" Combination Edge [RS-CRKM16-13FX]

Crkt M16-13fx 4.64" Combination Edge [RS-CRKM16-13FX]

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The M16® is the most popular series that CRKT® has ever made. Over the years CRKT has paid homage to the late and revered Kit Carson by keeping his legacy alive with new iterations. This is different. Introducing the first fixed blade tactical M16® knife with Veff Serrations™ and a whole world of new possibilities.

Veff Serrations' Provide Superior Cutting of Rope, Straps, and Fibrous Materials
G10 for Excellent Grip in All Weather Conditions
Gear Compatible Glass Reinforced Nylon Sheath can be Strapped Anywhere on Your Kit