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Cold Stl Hide Out [RS-CS49NDE]

Cold Stl Hide Out [RS-CS49NDE]

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  • : AUS 8A/Stainless
  • Edge : Double
  • Frame/Material : Griv-Ex
  • Size : 6.5"
UPC Number: 705442010609
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Cold Steel's Hide Out was designed as a small" inexpensive and super-functional neck knife. The resulting blade is a true featherweight" weighing a meager 1.9oz! Its high satin polished" double-edged Japanese AUS 8A blade is "Scandi" ground" which makes it very sharp and also very stiff" allowing for a strong and durable tip. Its full tang is encapsulated in a weather proof Kray-Ex handle that has been designed to be very thin and flat.

6.5" overall length
Kray-Ex handle
Secure-Ex neck sheath with bead chain lanyard
3" blade length