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Cold Stl Axe Gang Hatchet [RS-CS90AXG]

Cold Stl Axe Gang Hatchet [RS-CS90AXG]

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  • Caliber : 9MM
  • Edge : Plain
  • Finish/Color : 1055 Carbon, Deep Forged
  • Frame/Material : American Hickory
  • Grain Weight : 64Gr
  • Size : 20.25"
  • Units per box : 10
  • Units per case : 200
UPC Number: 705442009351
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The classic Chinese hatchet has appeared in countless Kung Fu movies over the years" and Cold Steel has always been fascinated with its use! Their interpretation of this classic blade" the Axe Gang Hatchet is no mere movie prop! It features a differentially heat treated" drop-forged head - which has a hard edge capable of reaching razor sharpness" but a soft steel body for absorbing impact.

20.25" overall length
American Hickory handle
32 oz weight
4" blade length