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Cold Stl 1911 Folder [RS-CS20NPJAA]

Cold Stl 1911 Folder [RS-CS20NPJAA]

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If you are a big fan of the 1911 semi auto pistol" you might also enjoy carrying this light handy 1911 liner lock folder as an everyday side kick! Designed to emulate the 1911's iconic grip frame" its lightning quick to draw and open thanks to its integral "flipper" and once deployed its super sharp" clip point blade can be made extra safe by engaging its patented secondary safety mechanism. Supplied with a classically checkered Griv Ex handle and ambidextrous stainless steel pocket clip its very reasonably priced and sure to be your new favorite 1911!

Classically checkered Griv Ex handle
Ambidextrous stainless steel pocket clip
Liner lock folder