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Adv Arms Conv Kit For Le17-22 G4/bag [RS-AAC17-22G4]

Adv Arms Conv Kit For Le17-22 G4/bag [RS-AAC17-22G4]

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  • Barrel Length : 4.49"
  • Caliber : 22LR
  • Finish/Color : Black
  • Fit : Fits Glk 17, 22 Generation 4
  • Size : 68MOA Ring with 1MOA Dot
UPC Number: 094308000121
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Convert your Glock into a .22 or with an Advantage Arms conversion kit. Advantage Arms Glock Conversion Kit is Advantage Arms most accurate conversion kit for Glock.

Adjustable sights
Last round lock open
30 second installation
1 year factory direct warranty