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Adv Arms Conv Kit Cmmdr 1911 22lr/bg [RS-AAC191122C]

Adv Arms Conv Kit Cmmdr 1911 22lr/bg [RS-AAC191122C]

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  • Action : Semi-automatic
  • Barrel Length : N/A
  • Caliber : 223 Rem
  • Caliber : 556NATO
  • Caliber : 22LR
  • Finish/Color : Black
  • Fit : Commander 1911
  • Grips/Stock : N/A
UPC Number: 094308001050
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Convert your 1911 into a .22 or with an Advantage Arms conversion kit. Advantage Arms 1911 Target Conversion Kit is Advantage Arms most accurate conversion kit.  The barrel is fixed solid to the frame with the sights mounted to the barrel.  Accuracy is not affected by the movement of the slide. Advantage Arms 1911 Standard and Commander Models more closely resembles advantage Arms 1911 where the sights are mounted to" and move with" the slide.

Adjustable sights
Last round lock open
30 second installation
1 year factory direct warranty