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Accusharp Diamond Pro Two Step [RS-ACC017C]

Accusharp Diamond Pro Two Step [RS-ACC017C]

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  • Finish/Color : Blue
  • Finish/Color : Black/Silver
  • Frame/Material : Rubber/Plastic
  • Packaging : Card
UPC Number: 015896000171
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The AccuSharp® Diamond PRO 2-Step Knife Sharpener features pre-angled coarse diamond and fine ceramic rods to sharpen" restore" and then polish a blade's edge. The diamond rods are aggressive enough to sharpen all types of blades. The flip side consists of two ceramic rods used to finish and polish the edge for a smooth" sharp finish. The Diamond PRO 2-Step exterior is made of brushed aluminum and finished with a rubber molded grip and rubber feet for safety. The unit has a lanyard hole which allows for easy attachment to cord or string.

Lanyard hole
Rubber molded grip
Aggressive diamond rods